Verified is a global platform for

access to capital markets and investments.

What is Verified?

Verified operates a financial services platform that arranges issue of securities, management of client assets, and private investments in alternative assets. Verified is a network of companies across Asia and Europe that identifies and evaluates private assets, monetizes assets through securitization, manages investment of client funds in private assets, and enhances risk management and liquidity of private investments using new technology.

Verified also provides a technology platform to independent issuers, asset managers, funds and investors. The Verified technology platform has applications for collecting data on assets for assessing and making investments, creation of asset portfolios and investment portfolio management, structuring and issuing of investment products including tokenized securities, and order management systems for trading of securities. These are built on blockchain platforms that protect data, secure transactions and allow for decentralized and cost efficient transactions.

Technology platform Features


New blockchain fabric for
financial standards based
issue of securities in digital format.


Collateral based system
for cost efficient cross
border settlements.


KYC and regulation
compliant issuing and
settlement systems.


High throughput transactions
with new off-chain
transactions and consensus.


Support for token based
payments, settlements and
investment redemption.


Smart contracts and workflow
composition with existing enterprise
and consumer facing applications


A blockchain powered enterprise system that collects data from point of sale and billing systems, accounting and ERP systems, and tax filing systems to verify sales, purchase and inventory data which is used to assess credit risks and enable provision of credit for supply chain financing. Businesses can also use the system to set and automate service level agreements, order processing, and payments.

A blockchain powered application that enables issue of financial products, both securities and payment instruments to users and investors on the blockchain network, and their redemption. It enables investors to trade investments over the counter. It also enables investment managers to make risk profiles of assets underlying issued securities visible to investors.

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