Issuing financial products

Issuing financial products

Verified provides a platform to enable fund managers, investment banks and corporates issue securities and investment products to investors. Verified group companies offer product structuring advice, issuing vehicles incorporated in multiple jurisdictions, fund administration services, securities custody and settlement, and statutory compliance services in partnership with service providers.

Securities issued can be traditional registered instruments, or can be offered to investors in tokenized form in token friendly jurisdictions such as Switzerland. Based on regulatory approvals and licenses, securities to qualified investors and to retail investors can be issued.

Verified also provides a digital platform built using blockchain technology that enables issue of digital securities in select jurisdictions. Using the platform, they can define attributes and characteristics of a wide variety of financial instruments such as shares, bonds, swaps, futures, asset backed securities, etc. These are used to automatically generate smart contracts on a blockchain that then execute the logic of the financial instrument.

Fund managers and Investment banks can set up issuing accounts that accept investment requests, do KYC approvals, issue securities to investors, and connect to custody services that protect investors by keeping issued instruments secure.

Contact us for details. Issuing fees are charged to issuers and depend on whether they use issuing vehicles set up by Verified.

How does the Verified digital platform work?

  • Access your Verified blockchain node set up for you either on the Cloud or get it set up in the premise. 
  • Define new products from templates provided for structured products, fund units, bonds, equities, payment instruments and more.
  • Reach the existing investor and user base and add more.
  • Issue financial products on the Verified blockchain. Use an existing issuing vehicle set up by Verified or use your own issuing vehicle.
  • Issue securities and investment products in tokenized form to investors that are digitally savvy and want to use digital exchanges for secondary trading and liquidity.


Issue and Redeem financial products digitally

Use already set up issuing vehicles for issuing

Reach a wide investor and user base