Trading and Liquidity

Trading and Liquidity

Investments in private assets require solutions to obtain liquidity for investors when they need it.

For issues of securities and investment products made by Verified and its group companies, registration on clearing and settlement platforms in Europe is provided within our scope of services to our clients.

For issues of digital or tokenized securities, the Verified platform also offers an over the counter exchange where settlements are made peer to peer on the Verified blockchain. The Verified platform features a digital cash token called the Via to hold value with respect to multiple underlying fiat currencies, use it for trading digital securities without incurring the cost of fiat currency transactions, lend it on the platform to other users for a yield on the Via in return, and redeem digital securities in the form of Via that they can use to invest further.

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How does the Verified digital platform work?

  • Request for a virtual payment account from a payment service provider on the Verified platform.
  • Request for issue of payment tokens into the virtual payment account against a prepaid fund custody account offered by the payment service provider.
  • Make cash less payments using tokens in virtual payment accounts.
  • Get instant settlements against payments made by redeeming tokens in your virtual payment account.


Over the Counter trading and liquidity

Cut transaction costs using a stable cash token for payments

Get a yield on digital cash from treasury operations