Services Partnerships

Verified provides services to its business customers and users through a network of services partners. If you are interested to partner us, you can Contact Us here.

Acquiring partners

Acquiring partners work with us to on board businesses on the Verified platform. Such businesses would often require supply chain financing in the form of either discounting receivables or taking advances for making supplier payments.

Our acquiring partners are often large companies that are anchors in their supply chains. Anchors could be large suppliers or large customers to a large number of small businesses that require financing which could take the financial stress out of supply chains.

Investment banking partners

Investment banking partners use the Verified platform to issue investment products for clients who want to raise financing by way of equity or debt. Investment banks can use the Verified issuing platform comprising of its offshore issuing vehicles and its digital platform to issue regulation compliant security tokens and paper instruments.

A large number of fixed income, equity, and commodity related securities can be issued on the Verified platform. The Verified platform can be used for OTC trading security tokens issued through it.

Investment managers

Investment management partners can be Fund managers and Asset managers. Fund managers assess investment opportunities and can use the Verified platform for issuing asset backed securities and raise investment funds, and then using the platform to deploy investments.

The Verified platform opens up investment opportunities for investors and provide them access to a wide range of previously inaccessible, private assets. Asset management partners advise investors on making such investments.

Payment service partners

The Verified platform is built using blockchain technology and uses tokenized payments that are faster, cheaper and more secure. Payment service partners can be Issuing or Settlement partners.

Issuing partners issue payment products that end users such as remitting parties buy against which tokens are issued. Settlement partners accept and redeem tokens by paying out fiat currencies. Issuing and Settlement partners can operate C2C, C2B, B2B and B2C cross border and domestic payments.