Managing investments

Making Investments

Verified offers a digital platform to investors and investment managers.

Investment managers can use it to assess risk and performance of investments and underlying collateral and securities. They can also create customized investment portfolios that they can track. Investment managers get access to transaction accounts and this can be integrated to custodians they appoint to hold securities, automate price reporting of securities they hold, settle investment funds in favour of beneficiaries they invest in, and redeem investments.

Investors get higher level views that allows them to assess performance of their investments. They also get access to an order management system using which they can place requests for making investments, and trade investments with other investors. Investors can request redemption of securities if these are also issued on the Verified platform, and they get access to their transaction data.

Contact us for details. Transaction fees charged on settlements and trading.

How does it work?

  • Access your Verified blockchain account set up for you either on the Cloud or get it set up in the premise. 
  • Track performance of assets and risk of underlying securities and collateral.
  • Make requests to invest, redeem investments and make settlement requests to custodians.
  • Trade investments on the Verified blockchain platform and get the benefit of secondary market liquidity.


Assess performance and risk of investments

Make requests to invest, redeem and settle

Get 24/7 access to liquidity by trading OTC on the Verified blockchain

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