Financing businesses

Financing businesses

Verified and its group companies securitizes assets and finances asset owners.

Assets that can be securitized and financed cut across asset classes – private equity, private debt, mezzanine and structured credit, and across industry verticals. Verified group companies finance businesses directly or through registered funds, in equity, debt and structured instruments.

The Verified digital platform is used to collect data on assets, assess risks and make underwriting and investment decisions. For example, the Verified supply chain financing business collects sales data from billing and PoS systems, financial data from accounting and ERP systems, verifies them by cross checking with supplier data, bank statements and tax returns, and enables merchant cash advances, receivables and payables financing.

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How does the Verified digital platform work?

  • Connect to sources of data (for example, sales, financial, banking systems) for underlying assets for which financing is required.
  • Enable investors to get visibility into asset quality using data. If you are an asset manager, use the Verified platform to view underlying assets in investment products.
  • Provides risk assessment, credit rating and portfolio management tools.
  • Enables continuous and post-financing asset monitoring to investment managers.


Use data on assets for financing

Use receivables as collateral for debt financing

Assess investment risks of deploying capital through fund managers